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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I think I want that weasel tie. that must be one of the greatest ties known to man
Quote: Originally Posted by Felix Krull But, on the other had, why would a sales associate who works in an AE store provide me with misinformation. C To sell shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by gastarbeider a paradigm moment in contemporary history, and you're focusing on a jacket? +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Valor Also, my guess is getting into these nursery schools is more about connections, social status, and bribery than ivy league schools are (although I'm sure you can argue here). "development applicants" I believe they are called in Ivy League schools. As in their parents can help develop the size of the schools endowment further. It costs a few hundred thousand dollars, at the better Ivies.
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Corthay Arca? Or maybe the C&J Aintree? The arca is maybe a little out of my budget, haha. The aintree seems to be a three-eyelet derby - the one in the pic is two.
Quote: Originally Posted by clausc Nope, they are not so warm, a bit understated for an Italian brand and they fit me excellent. Better pics Do you know what shoes those are? I am looking for a two-eyelet derby.
Quote: Originally Posted by Valor Exaggerating slightly, I'm only talking about undergrads though, I may not have made that clear. Ok. Slightly more than three, but not by much.
There's something very, very disturbing about wearing a smiling yellow head on your cuff. A red brick, that I'd do.
Quote: Originally Posted by PBristolJr Hi there, I just noticed that on slickdeals kenneth cole shoes are 50% off with the code I provided. I'm needing a new pair of dress shoes to wear with khaki's / navy blazer. The "Run Around" in brown kind of catches my eye. Any help is appreciated. The deal is good from 11am-4pm est by the way. I'm also open to ideas other than just this link. Code:...
Quote: Originally Posted by Valor Except, the odds of getting into Harvard from India are like 1/10,000. Top tier Ivies take like 3 internationals from India a year. Are you exaggerating to make a point, or are you speaking out of ignorance? No offense meant, just curious.
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