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Quote: Originally Posted by tween_spirit A few years ago I picked up a Duralinen International when they came out with those. It's definitely lighter weight than the normal one but it's a really cool piece I think. It's like yellow linen but coated with black PU (it's a black jacket above all else) but over time the PU kind of fades and cracks in high-wear areas. Think "sick fadez" or whatever but for your jacket. It definitely has a cool look to it...
Quote: Originally Posted by RangerP Solution: Just Snipe No point in not sniping.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Near New Salvatore Ferragamo wingtip Firenze line (*) 8 D - BIN $80 - free shipping: (*) There is no consensus on quality of Firenze line, but believed to be somewhere between LO and Tramezza. See here for more info and make your own conclusion: Whoever got these - let me know if they don't end up working out!
Quote: Originally Posted by ysc lines off a dead hooker or freebasing some crack. Ain't nothing wrong with a little bit of good clean fun.
Quote: Originally Posted by Studiofan Hey guys I am in HS right now, and want to peruse a career in IBanking. I got a 2200 on the SATs and a 3.9 GPA, but I also have volunteer experience and an internship at one of the top hedge funds in PA. I dont know if I can use this in my application but over the last 3 years I have had ann annualized 29% rate of return on the capital I manage. Would you guys have advice as to what college I should go to for...
Quote: Originally Posted by ZON_JR This isn't a busy or overloaded thread and doesn't need to be limited to exotic leathers. Or moderated. Plenty of room for the mundane that might be picked up at a good price. This. It is not like posts will get lost in the overabundance of information in this thread...
Quote: Originally Posted by Star Atlas Shrugged by Ayan Rand - This shows my rebellious nature and values I live by. Has worked once or twice as conversational piece. I'd avoid Ayn Rand, since it is philosophy-light written like a teenage adventure book. Personally, if I saw Atlas Shrugged or Fountainhead on someone's desk I'd think them to be intellectual lightweights and/or fooled.
wrong size
Quote: Originally Posted by GucciMonster I kinda imagined you would all say park avenues - but I had to make sure as it's alot of money for me to spend given my situation. Thanks guys (SF Hug) You should be able to find a pair cheap and easy if you scour ebay or B&S. What size are you?
'My Architect" about Louis Kahn
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