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Quote: Originally Posted by Geezer (a) a single-breasted odd jacket of bright colour, usually striped, often with metal buttons, derived from the late 19th Century odd jackets worn by English school, college, or university rowing and other sports clubs, now largely obsolescent outside Henley Regatta; (b) a double-breasted odd jacket of dark navy cloth, with metal - usually brass - buttons, emerging in the late 19th Century as casual wear, and based on...
Quote: There are a lot of leather stores around, 95% of it is cheap crap. There are several higher end options, however. Rossi y Caruso is by far the best in terms of quality of workmanship. It's pricey by Argentine standards, though still far below Hermes or even LV. They have a broad range of merchandise and all of it is well made. Another leather option is Casa Lopez. They use excellent leathers, but the workmanship isn't on the same level as RyC. It's...
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I'll get back to you about BA. don't know rio Thanks! I really appreciate it. I'd be especially interested in good stores and/or Argentina-specific brands and stores, as I would think that is something SF might know better than most places.
I'm planning a little trip to Rio and to Buenos Aires. I will be in Rio for carneval, and then onto Argentina. Any suggestions on good places to see and eat - especially in BA, since I will be there the longest - would be appreciated. Also, anything specific I should look into getting while there. Any good local brands or craftsmen to pick some interesting things up from?
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon My question is: Who gives a shit about how elegant the movement is as long as the watch tells the time and is built-well? Why isn't one movement clearly more efficient than any other and why doesn't everyone just use that one (patenting, maybe)? Do movements have pros/cons? Most watches in fact DO use movements from the same manufacturer - ETA.
Quote: Originally Posted by DerAngriff Suggestions on plain natural tan belts that are less than $70 and not bulky width wise? No fancy buckle required. Edit. just checked some belts... $185?? I picked up a nudie plain belt for $77 in Stockholm. 1-1/8" wide, I believe, and a very simple buckle. Edit: Here it is, they charge a premium in the US though... http://shop.nudiejeans.com/system/se...id=1657&rnum=9
Quote: Originally Posted by ghdvfddzgzdzg are they the kaihara or the older cone denim ones? the cone stuff will stretch, though each batch is a little different. I can't speak for the kaihara but i expect it will stretch. The cone stuff. Thanks for the answer!
Picked up a pair of Epaulet smiths a while back. They fit great everywhere except the waist, where they are just SLIGHTLY too tight. Can I expect them to expand in the waist, or not really?
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Slowly finding out details of Ex's infidelities. By pure chance as well... I was doing fine but now have this incredibly sick feeling in my stomach. Have been losing weight like crazy and though I'm functional the hours are a little longer with that terrible feeling. So yeah, I'm pissed off. Been through that stuff too. On a positive note, I was slightly overweight beforehand, and came out of the ordeal...
I went through the same thing a few years ago - I got all my recommenders a book pertaining to the subject with a personal connection to me (as well as a handwritten note on the inside of the book).
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