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Quote: Originally Posted by onix Nope. The pair you bought is definitely women's. Crockett & Jones use the 4000s series for women's shoes and boots (see their website). The model of the pair you bought is 4384. Furthermore, C is a standard width for women's shoes. Edit: being secure enough in my manliness for that not to bother me should they fit, what size would they be equivalent to in men's shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 I'm pretty sure you just bought some women's boot, and the one's that you posted are also women's. You are right, the ones I posted where in women's - haha. Goes to show I should check the listings. The other ones were listed in men's shoes though.
Quote: Originally Posted by kev777 Just ordered that one for myself, but with a tan strap.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker C&J Jodhpur boots maybe 8.5 US BIN $79!!!! I got these. If they don't end up working out size-wise I'll let them go on B&S. And to reciprocate: C&J Chelseas BIN $225, extremely tiny:
Quote: Originally Posted by guster With your SAT, GPA & HS experience, you should have more schools available to you than many other kids will. If you go to CMU Tepper and do well, you probably can get into ibanking, depending on that industry when you graduate. But if you went to - say Penn, Princeton, or Dartmouth - you will still have a great chance of getting into ibanking. As a Penn, Princeton or Dartmouth undergrad graduate he will have...
Quote: Originally Posted by Studiofan Thanks for the help, how much importance is paid to undergrad education when firms look for recruits? What do top MBA schools look for? You want to start your career out of undergrad - depending on where you went an MBA might be close to worthless. Get a Wharton undergrad degree and you can be an alpha as phuck PE or hedge fund dude after two to three years of ibanking or consulting experience.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs Just buy the big one and have your cobbler cut it down. Should cost about $10. I've done it for a customer with the exact same belt. I even used the extra shell cordovan to make a sweet key chain. As I see this and go over to buy, the last long burgundy belt has been sold. You killed kenny, you bastards!
Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz Awesome. My experience with belts is that you size one up, so I am out of luck on the burgundy, since he only has 31-32 available (and I wear size 32 trou). Otherwise would kop. Would have been nice! Damn - I've been looking for a nice burgundy belt.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I love how offended people are by Ayn Rand. Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I've never even opened one of her books god damn it!!! Then how do you know there's not a good reason to be offended by her books? Personally, I dislike them because they have such disproportionate influence given that they are third-rate adventure novels delivering an idiot-libertarian philosophy...
Quote: Originally Posted by Toni H. We [...] already live together Quote: We have already discussed about going for vacation this summer. Quote: if she wants to live with me don't see why she would feel stressed about thing like this. Quote: Tickets would not be that expensive and it would be win-win situation because I really would like to go to vacation myself. This. Why are...
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