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I've seen a good bit of Seiko 5s around, for $60 to $100. Like these: Are they the real deal?
You should get a breast wallet instead, preferably in dark green.
People are also happy with Hugo Boss suits and Kenneth Cole shoes. That doesn't make it good. Bose is the equivalent of Kenneth Cole square-toe shoes. By all means, if you have made an active choice that you like the Bose sound, then buy them. If you buy them out of ignorance because you don't know better, know better.
Just won these: But I know nothing about them - could anyone fill me in on what they are?
Quote: Originally Posted by Handmadeshoes This one! holy crap those are nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by level32 It's going to be a hard sell but at 2.9, 750+ GMAT, a really coherent interesting story, I could definitely see it working. Also, getting into PE/HF after MBA with no exp is going to be harder than trying to lateral in now. +1 on the lateral move.
fit pic?
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Here is my advice. You have money burning a hole in your pocket. To quell that, buy a pair of shoes now. A nice pair. But, take your time on the rest. But, hold off on more until you know what you want. Otherwise, you will spend your $5000, and I guarantee that in 6-12 months time, you will be wanting a whole different set of shoes. If you've got another $3000, then it's no problem, except that you wasted...
Pics or it didn't happen...
Quote: Originally Posted by Derek92 I'm tempted to buy these to wear around campus and piss off all of the pussy vegans and animal rights activists. People would hate but I would lol. This.
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