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Quote: Originally Posted by Umm, seller is a member here. B&S thread Look at that! Better price there too, and as was discussed in that thread - a fairly rare item.
Followed by another, misnamed: "Crocket" & Jones loafers for GBP 59.99
Not necessarily a good deal, but very much an interesting item: Crockett & Jones Cognac / Cigar Shell Cordovan Chukka
Seattle is a city. There isn't a single city in CT however.
just bought from Larson McCord - item arrived promptly and as described.
Quote: Originally Posted by mintyfresh Pricing on the wayfarers? unless it's already sold. Sold - I got them today and like them a lot.
1h or so left, no bids, starting at 39.99 uk 11.5 C&J chukkas
Quote: Originally Posted by cross22 Are you retarded? No. Are you? I came through an Ivy, and have a lot of friends who studied history, comparative literature or english who are doing very well in the financial field. I do not see it as the exception to the norm - quite the opposite. The very heavy recruiting done by banks and consulting firms at such schools means a lot of people end up in the finance profession - and do well there -...
Quote: Originally Posted by cross22 You are generally correct but your examples are exceptions rather than the rule. History majors do not typically become ballers at law firms and OP should not count on that.[/url] They do... if they go to Harvard.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Your major doesn't matter nearly as much as people here say it does. I was an English major and do finance. I know a lot of History majors who are ballers at law firms, banks, and consultancies right now. And so on. This of course assumes that he goes to a good school. We don;t know if he is at some state college somewhere slugging away. Op - what school/type of school are you attending?
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