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Quote: Originally Posted by nohio Pre-order goes live soon. Tell them what size you want. Who is making those, BTW?
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 You need to take that up with Lobb then. You are right - they moved the back seam to the side so as to be able to get the single leather piece to work. Good idea, and very nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 It's the John Lobb 2010. Link It's a whole cut monk strap. I don't think that is physically possible. Besides, I think I can see a faint seam on the inside where the monk straps start.
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy i would still try to make a convincing argument that you should do the opposite: wrap the cat in plastic and ... well, maybe you could sell it, but really who cares? Depending on how tight you wrap the plastic, the time-window you have to sell the cat might be rather short.
Quote: Originally Posted by nahneun The cheap Japan flights brought something to mind. One thing that you should also be aware of is that if you want to go to China any time during your stay in Korea (tickets are extremely cheap from Korea -> 500ish round trip after tax, at least that was the case for me), they recently changed the law for foreigners. You would need to get your visa in the US because the Chinese embassy in Korea will not...
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain because this thread is not asking about undergrad Op wasn't, but scientific clearly was.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain let us count the errors in this response, oh shit ran out of fingers (I have 43 fingers btw) Assuming he is talking about undergrad, what is actually wrong with that response?
Quote: Originally Posted by randallr I might buy this off you! Seriously...maybe a year or two out from popping the question. Does it still have the box? Fuck, if I were you I'd want it back. Do you really want to use a ring with that kind of history to pop the question?
Quote: Originally Posted by computerpro3 So you don't have $15 to take the train for a freaking hour to NYC? Hell, if you live in New Haven the train station is 10 minutes tops from where you live. Or if the train's not your thing, it's a 45min limo ride - we took one to go shopping at Madison avenue a while back. Stop trying to complain for the sake of appearing like a "cool big city urbanite." I don't think you get it - people that live in CT...
I figured this was due for a bump.
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