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I'm planning a little trip to Rio and to Buenos Aires. I will be in Rio for carneval, and then onto Argentina. Any suggestions on good places to see and eat - especially in BA, since I will be there the longest - would be appreciated. Also, anything specific I should look into getting while there. Any good local brands or craftsmen to pick some interesting things up from?
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon My question is: Who gives a shit about how elegant the movement is as long as the watch tells the time and is built-well? Why isn't one movement clearly more efficient than any other and why doesn't everyone just use that one (patenting, maybe)? Do movements have pros/cons? Most watches in fact DO use movements from the same manufacturer - ETA.
Quote: Originally Posted by DerAngriff Suggestions on plain natural tan belts that are less than $70 and not bulky width wise? No fancy buckle required. Edit. just checked some belts... $185?? I picked up a nudie plain belt for $77 in Stockholm. 1-1/8" wide, I believe, and a very simple buckle. Edit: Here it is, they charge a premium in the US though...
Quote: Originally Posted by ghdvfddzgzdzg are they the kaihara or the older cone denim ones? the cone stuff will stretch, though each batch is a little different. I can't speak for the kaihara but i expect it will stretch. The cone stuff. Thanks for the answer!
Picked up a pair of Epaulet smiths a while back. They fit great everywhere except the waist, where they are just SLIGHTLY too tight. Can I expect them to expand in the waist, or not really?
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Slowly finding out details of Ex's infidelities. By pure chance as well... I was doing fine but now have this incredibly sick feeling in my stomach. Have been losing weight like crazy and though I'm functional the hours are a little longer with that terrible feeling. So yeah, I'm pissed off. Been through that stuff too. On a positive note, I was slightly overweight beforehand, and came out of the ordeal...
I went through the same thing a few years ago - I got all my recommenders a book pertaining to the subject with a personal connection to me (as well as a handwritten note on the inside of the book).
Not sure if this one has been posted yet - black UK7.5 Lowndes with one bid of $200:
I like this a lot!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dean Keaton They don't wanna say. I know. I was hoping for some inside intelligence or educated guesses.
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