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We talked a bit before about the Nomos Weltzeit. Would be a fantastic watch for someone that switch time zones a lot - though I'd much prefer it with blue hands! Blue hands: Original: Thoughts?
Will do.I'm debating whether I would like a moon phase that is still blue, but this is rather lovely as well.
Hard to work on? I might be able to pick this one up for around 1K or so, if I am lucky. Stainless steel rather than gold, which is a plus for me. Tiny though, at 35mm. Good dress chrono.
Seller claims cal 7751, though the subdial positions are different from the Valjoux 7751, so I am not entirely sure if that is correct. Thoughts?
Any love for vintage chrono's here? I've been thinking about picking up something like this: I guess servicing might be the main issue though. A Universal Geneve Tri Compax would be ideal, but at the going rate they are rather pricey.
Anyone familiar with service centers in the NYC area? My Junghans with an ETA 2801 is in need of servicing (no longer winds), as is my Omega Speedmaster (no longer winds, but still runs as it is an automatic). Since they are ETA movements both of them, I was hoping it wouldn't get too expensive.
Stowa comes in under that price range, but might be hard to source.
About big wrists - Lange's new 50mm X 20 mm watch!
I would worry about service - if any of them actually told the time!Neither one of them has hands - it is just a movement. The second one doesn't even show off the movement - it has a fully opaque case.
Thoughts on these watches, the Haldimann H9 and H10. H9: H10: Talk about jumping the shark! These are something you get after you have EVERYTHING else.
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