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I bought decently high end pair of shoes two weeks ago here in Argentina from Rossi y Caruso. They have seen decently heavy use. Nothing extreme, but use every other day or so. However, while walking around town I noticed a small fleck on one of the shoes, in a crease. Given the discoloration, at first I thought it was some lit cigarette ash that had gotten on the shoe, so I tried to wipe it off. However, it kept on growing throughout the crease, and when the other shoe...
I will be visiting the place today. Unfortunately not enough time left in the city for a bespoke pair, but I believe they might have something I've been looking for - a two-eyelet derby!
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt close. Tell her that you have had a lot of time to think in the past few days, and you have come to agree with her. You are better off apart. Wish her well. Then sit back and wait. There are two options. 1. she feels dumped and comes running back as she ponders Life Without Him and 'omigodwhathaveidone?'. This is kind of what you want. 2. she doesn't, in which case you are slightly better off than you are...
Matchy-matchy weddings are silly. Then again, it is HIS wedding.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington It won't hurt. And stratospheric GPAs are good for a program's stats so a 3.9 GPA may help offset a slightly lower GMAT. But it won't offset a terrible GMAT. Since the gmat in correlation with the GPA is intended to show academic prowess, I figured. But what about the relationship with work experience?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington Based on everything I've read low GPAs are not the end of the world when applying to MBA programs, provided that you have good WE and a good GMAT score. This isn't law school. Also, PT admissions are not as stringent as FT. What about the flip-side? Talking about FT admissions, how does a high GPA factor into admissions (say 3.9 and up, from a top ten school)? Is it a big benefit, or does it...
Harry Potter did it.
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 It's a sticky situation. It could become one...
Not too common on Ebay: AE Suede Moras size 12 http://cgi.ebay.com/Allen-Edmonds-Br...item35b09e08f2
Become a student at the one of the two old Swedish universities, Lund or Uppsala: Most students who actively partake in the social life of the universities tend to own tails due to the prevalence of white tie events. Of course, these being student events, don't expect dignified mingling - expect a Swedish style booze-fest, except in white tie.
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