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Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 What is it with the Italians and their ironed/creased, faded/bleached jeans? do these guys ever wear dark raw denim? It seems the top half is all peacock dandyism and the bottom half is daddy old geezer It is raw and dark denim - it is just that he has been wearing those jeans for 30+ years now.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter here's what we did - my wife said "I hope that you can find a babysitter, if you can't we can help you" Sounds like a good approach. Another one is to simply own up to it - "My apologies, but there seems to have been a misunderstanding, we intended for this event to be for adults only - we sincerely hope that you can still make it, as we would be very saddened to not have you at our side at such an...
Well, you are not really a big timer until you get Thomas Prescher to make a Tempus Vivendi from your coat of arms:
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell Not this one. True that - it is a nice one.
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell I like this. Is it the flyback? Also, smalltimers, you've forgotten this. It's German, too. A. Lange & Sohne has been mentioned at least a few times in this threak...
Quote: Originally Posted by Saturdays I would get a Cartier, timeless classic. My dad has one with the lizard strap, he bought it in the 70s still in great condition. he said he got it appraised and they told him its worth $60,000, i doubt anyone would buy it for that much but its fun to tell my friends my dad's watch is possibly worth more than their car. Douchebaggery. "I like to point out to my friends that my parents earn more money than...
I like cheap monday's t-shirt.
I guess I will have to post fit pics when it arrives, haha.
Quote: Originally Posted by Leaves Love the cigar linen suit but not a fan of the tanned shoes to this, would go for either a darker (oak maybe) or a lighter (ivory or white bucks perhaps) colour. Stylish guy though, no doubt, a big smile will go a long way, no matter what you're wearing! I agree - while a huge fan of tan shoes, this simply gets a little too close in colour to the suit.
Being as tell and a little bit bulkier than the OP, hopefully the jacket will fit me. Otherwise, B&S again, haha.
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