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Quote: Originally Posted by MarkI Well thats exactly what i'm going to do now, just breaking off contact for now. Didn't you say that before but fail? This time, be sure to keep it at least a month. You might find at the end of the month that you don't actually have any desire to contact her again.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pieceofsand They don't look that big. Maybe 40mm? The model above is 43mm.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas those parnis watches really look nice, though the movements are not nearly so much fun to look at. still, for under $100, they're fantastic. I'm very tempted to get one and throw it on a NATO strap for a sporty summer look. I did that. Looks great.
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkI So I finally did it, said my peace, and walked out on her. I'm literally in the cab for 10 minutes and I get a text, "I love you so much and i'm so sorry" I dont really, couple of minutes later, "You said this would take time, but you're forcing it on me I can't do that." Now I just got home, and early in the night, we fucked, and called her by a petname, and then I just asked what her favorite nickname was, that...
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 Don't do it. Wear a suit, or at worst odd trousers and a sport coat. Suited it up. Would have looked silly if I didn't - everyone else was in a suit. Of course, my own quiet rebellion was a silk knit tie and a pair of double monks.
I have an interview for a program today. The interviewers are typically dressed in business casual, no tie. Being a semi-unorthodox candidate, with a semi-unorthodox reason for going to business school, can I get away with wearing a nice dark pair of jeans, with an ocbd, a tie, a jacket and some brown derbies? Or is this REALLY frowned upon?
Great, great AEs. You might try and posting them in SW&D for a quicker sell.
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkI This is really difficult, but I think i'm going to bow out. I was thinking about it, and I think i've decided. I'm going to say pretty much what APK said above, and bow out. I won't give any ultimatums, like come back now or never. I'm just going to attempt to move on as best as I could, and if she initiates contact, then i'll try to be open too it. But I can't go on like this, it is unhealthy, and no good. Teger is...
I recently went on a trip to South America, hitting a few cities on the way. Of course, a must in Buenos Aires was to get some leather goods. I took the time to visit a small family-owned cordwainer called Calzados Correa while there, and try and get some shoes. Unfortunately I was there for too short to have a bespoke or custom pair made for me - the turn around would have been at least three weeks. I did get a great and unique pair they had ready though. They had some...
Took them back and got them exchanged with no hassle.
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