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As opposed to Ebay, where cheaper watches typically go at or slightly above fair market value (dang those uninformed buyers and sellers!)
Thank you! Not quite a PP - though they did have a few of those at the auction too, but the price point ended up a little too high for my current income level. It seems more expensive watches tend to have a more perfect market at the regular auctions, whereas stranger less famous vintage pieces can be had for a steal - this one went even below its estimate.
The regular watch auctions are less perfect markets than ebay - especially for lower end watches - so it is easier to get a deal.And no - it is the perfect size, it is only the angle and focal length of the camera that makes it look a little big.
Hammer at $950, total cost including buyer's fees and taxes $1300 or so. It is all publicly available at Antiquorum's website.I looked at getting a Tri-Compax, but ended up with a Valjoux 88 instead. The tri-compaxes are hard to service, and spare parts are getting harder to come by. The Valjoux 88 is on the Valjoux 72 base, and although no longer in production spare parts are easier to come by and service should be somewhat easier.
Thank you! I got it at an absolute steal at the latest Antiquorum auction. The person who valued and investigated the watch clearly didn't know what they were looking at. It was labeled as a "7751" movement, even though it is handwound, not automatic. After a bit of research it would seem it is actually a Valjoux 88 - the moon phase triple date version of the Valjoux 72 chronograph movement. Engraved "MRM 1961".Will make a great, nice watch to go with suits.
Picked up my vintage Valjoux 88 yesterday - fantastic! 36mm - just the right size for me.
Mont Blanc watches are owned by the Richemont group, no?
So I won the auction for this one: It was a real, life regular auction - not the ebay-style - at Anitquorum. I'm heading to pick it up in a few days. The seller listed it as cal 7751, but it seems VERY likely it is a Valjoux 88 instead. All these three watches are Valjoux 88 and seem to be rather similar: http://uhrenshop.classic-watch-forum.de/de/andere-Marken/Tourneau As is this (same seller, different...
Alfred Sargent Benchgrade
Now too bad that is just something I photoshopped, and not something offered...
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