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I wonder if they actually thought the acronym through, or it was a sneaky attempt by a disgruntled moderator to get some dirt back in there.
Just checked - a Stowa Antea KS will be delivered in October. Damn.
From what I gathered it was more along the lines of six months or so. Check out the Stowa forum on Watchuseek for more details. Part of the reason they command such good used sales value.
Except Stowa's have an obscene wait time - it'll be a while before it becomes available.
Where do you work again?
It is fantastic. Hasn't left my wrist since - though my girlfriend keeps trying to borrow it. It has gotten me hooked on vintage chronos though - might be a gold one in my collection sometime in not too long.
My last post here in TWAT was about my 1960s vintage Valjoux 88 chrono. So yes, I am joking.I was posting from the - rather simplified - point of view of some potential customers for these Rolexes. Rolex has the unique situation of almost being a proprietary eponym synonymous with high-end, expensive luxury watch. For people with no interest in watches and more sense than money, the type of signal owning a Rolex sends is highly desirable. It can be understood by a lot of...
Also, the Rolex has three (3!) subdials. Clearly better than the stinky two subdials on that other watch.
One of them is a Rolex, the other is some brand I've never heard about. If they are the same price, of course I would pick a Rolex!
Tudor has been digging through their archive, without a doubt. I would rather get a vintage Snowflake than the Black Bay, or a vintage Monte Carlo than this new chrono.
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