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DYI project:
Who valued it? I'd say that is one of the hallmarks of a shady deal.
John Lobb black William II, 9.5E UK. BIN $499.
The AE park avenues are outsourced? Where did you hear that?
I might be seeing a pair of navy stingray double monks at some time in the near future for myself.
The Sommerville is sold at Barney's.
These look awesome:
The much smaller selection on the website, and it wasn't even there until recently. I have an LM shoe coming that'll be nice.Yes. No.
And why is that a facepalm, my dear Fritzl? Quality of the leather, of the construction method, etc is measurable to an extent that aesthetics is not. Unless you are one of those nutjob classicists who believe in objective beauty.
Well the point is that you bring up criteria that is measurable to some degree - quality - and laud that as having been an integral part in your decision process,. When people point out that build quality was not as good on these Testoni's as compared to some of the fantastic suggestions given to you earlier in this thread (for a similar price) - including those Santoni wholecuts you found yourself - you revert to the "to each his own" defense.That said, Testoni is not...
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