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See above edit. With the Neumora, AE is trying to do make a sleeker, more contemporary last - the 333. However, whereas the C&J 348 or 337 lasts manage to accomplish this, the AE iteration falls short. The last the original Mora was on is timeless and classic - what AE does best.
The Neumora is not nearly as nice as the old Mora. I'm not a fan of the new last shape.
What a fantastic shoe it became!
Every foot is different, and a Brannock-device-esque setup is not going to capture the nuances of your individual foot. Girth, instep, etc.
It has to hurt to polish those...
NAMOR, regarding differing color - the shade of Cuero Pepe received in mid April was slightly darker than the batch they'd had before. My shoes are from the later batch - yours might be from the earlier batch.
AmaThe Cuero - light brown, I imagine. It varies, I guess - but we'll see what yours look like when finished.
Thank you! Pepe was a pleasure to work with.I already have a decent line-up of non-brogued cap-toe double monks, so I could afford to be a little out there with these.
My MTO Shell Cuero Double Monks are ready to be shipped.
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