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The discussion about country of origin, and the derision of China as a manufacturer of quality goods is pretty interesting. If we assume the quality of the garment - absent materials quality - can be described as a function of the amount of labor and the skill of the craftsman: (labor hours)x(labor skill) We can assume that the cost of labor hours for an equivalently skilled craftsman is lower in China than it is in Spain. Thus, assuming they can properly train their...
Bastards! Though not that I care - I have mine.
See above edit. With the Neumora, AE is trying to do make a sleeker, more contemporary last - the 333. However, whereas the C&J 348 or 337 lasts manage to accomplish this, the AE iteration falls short. The last the original Mora was on is timeless and classic - what AE does best.
The Neumora is not nearly as nice as the old Mora. I'm not a fan of the new last shape.
What a fantastic shoe it became!
Every foot is different, and a Brannock-device-esque setup is not going to capture the nuances of your individual foot. Girth, instep, etc.
It has to hurt to polish those...
One thing I find immensely flawed with the election system is just this. It should be in everybody's interest to maximize turnout, if nothing else simply for the sake of democracy. One party actively seeking to suppress voting does not speak well for democracy.
Like a previous poastr said - look at the aggregators. Nate Silver is good!: http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/
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