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Then a decent deal.
Not sure who the maker is, but looks rather attractive:
Fantastic!Franco's is unfortunately out of my size, though.
Crockett & Jones UK 7 for a GB 45 BIN!
Seller also has williams in brown:
Please. That would be uncouth.
High-quality shoes (as in higher than mall-brand quality, and similar to say AE) with a styling catering to the blogosphere or SF crowds at a price point that is comparable or lower than other alternatives that are differently styled (such as AE, although that might be changing with their new lines).
Let me un-break it down for you, since you are generalizing a bit too much. You are providing too simple an explanation, actually.Assuming Meermin produces in China, Meermin's whole business model is premised on the wage differential between the western world and China. They can provide quality shoes at a cost they would not be able to produce shoes at if they were entirely made in Spain. They would be a different type of company if they produced in Spain - and their...
The discussion about country of origin, and the derision of China as a manufacturer of quality goods is pretty interesting. If we assume the quality of the garment - absent materials quality - can be described as a function of the amount of labor and the skill of the craftsman: (labor hours)x(labor skill) We can assume that the cost of labor hours for an equivalently skilled craftsman is lower in China than it is in Spain. Thus, assuming they can properly train their...
Bastards! Though not that I care - I have mine.
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