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I have it on a a brown dress calf with contrast stitching. - never wearing black shoes a black strap would have been strange.
And here I thought Fossil was a mass-market mall fashion "designer brand"......unless with "designer brands" you mean the like of Michael Kors or Calvin Klein. Though I fail to see the difference between Fossil and "designer brands" in that case.For $200 and mechanical you would likely be restricted to Chinese or Japanese movements - perhaps a seagull: perhaps a mechanical Seiko of some sort.
Great wife, and great watch!
Wurger - that is a fantastic piece. The combination of the modernist date font and bar hour markers makes it look somewhat Bauhausian in a Stowa Antea or Max Bill Junghans kind of way, and adding the moonphase makes it nicely whimsical. If only there was a smiling face on the moon!
A GO PML for sale in the "Other" forum on SF: (caveat: I have no relationship to seller, but I figured people here might be interested and not visit the FS forums that much - it is a bit of a grail piece at a good place. Of course, as always, buy the seller)
Used to not feel the reverso. Actively disliked it, as a matter of fact. Having read up on its history and seen some very nice ones with one or two complications in the flesh, one might eventually be in the stores for me somewhere down the line.
Been a bit behind on my TAWTting, and had a good 40 pages to catch up on. Good stuff everybody - very interesting discussions. Came across something rather interesting - a tactile watch. Granted, it is a quartz movement, but otherwise actually rather interesting. What are your thoughts?
I consistently see the best prices on Nomos etc from German dealers at Chrono24, so potentially yes.
Tried it twice, with very opposite answers. Got IWC first, then Rolex.
Also, this thread regarding laser welding. Don't pay pristine unpolished prices for restored cases:
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