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Regarding cushion cases - and only $3 000
Fiance has one of the manual Max Bill models. QUite nice - I like the aesthetic a lot!Movements tend to be rather standard - and as such fairly reliable. Not sure what they are currently using though - so investigate that.Resale value is a bit more problematic - you do pay a bit of a premium for the aesthetic as it is sold at the MOMA store and the like
Check out Nomos - great inhouse movements, and rather different than a lot of other watches.
Rub them together very vigorously and hope they produce an offspring to your liking?
Knowing that our hobby isn't necessarily driven by usefulness or function - what are your thoughts on "smart watches"? Pebble released one recently that does not look like a terrible gaudily painted accesory from Galaxy Quest - the Pebble Steel. I am almost inclined to try it out: It doesn't look as terrible as previous smart watches. Will there be a point where the sheer usefulness of smart watches outweighs the lack of charm?
A boss of mine once gave me the advice to mark major career and life changes with a major lasting purchase - promotions, marriage, etc. I like that idea - one thing to mark another, and you will forever remember this business win when you look down on your wrist.Now, which watch will you get to celebrate?
Not to mention this Rolex:
Long time no see, you twats Just got an email from Fellows - so decided to check out the auction. For us non-mega-ballers, there's some great stuff, especially saw a JLC Lyre Perpetual Calendar in YG going for not too much. Check it...
Exactly - brown with brown, but no need to match exact tone.With T-shirt and jeans a brown rally would look fantastic. Personally I would find croc a bit too much in cases like that.
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