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Here is a Southwick suit jacket size 37R. If you cannot tell in the photo, the armholes are high on this jacket. Much more so than most other 37R jackets I have. The top (soft) shoulder seam to the bottom of the armhole is around 8.25-8.5 inches. Hope this helps
Quote: Originally Posted by kwiteaboy Those are wildly disparate choices! If you get the Volvo, see if you can find the V70R - 300bhp, 300lb-ft, safe as can be. Haha, I'm having a struggle with two sides of my personality... I love volvos because they are such a great long-term car in my opinion. It's one of the only car manufacturers that I think keep their charm even as they age. I love the look of a boxy V70. The other side of me...
Does anyone here own an Audi TT? Are the maintenance and repair costs much that bad? I'm also looking at a Volvo V70. Any opinions between the two? I'm 23 (i.e. no kids or anything to carry around so a big sedan is not really necessary) and plan on buying used if that makes a difference.
For sale is a pair of number nine jeans in size 3. They are made in Japan and have been worn one time. As much as I love these, my legs are just too big for skinny jeans. They originally sold at Jeffrey New York for $320 and tags are still attached. Made in Japan Size 3 SOLD Measurements: waist laid flat - 32 inches inseam - 34 inches thigh - 10 inches knee - 7 inches leg opening - 6 3/4 inches
+1 to UserName84 I honestly thought the deal was a little too good to be true, but it turned out to be even better than advertised and the package arrived the very next business day. Great guy!
PM sent
Any idea where I can get a hat like this but in grey or black? edit: found it
Dropped to $84!
Price drop to $89
I am looking for a pair of Somet 008 Slim Indigo jeans in either size 31 or 32. Let me know if anyone has a pair and wants to let sell them! Thanks, Thomas
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