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A follow on question is regarding fabric taxes in China. I heard they are prohibitively expensive. This would mean that if one is given the chance to stop by HK they should buy fabric there and bring it to China for CMT. Is this the advised route?
Tailors in Asia are not artists. They are instruction taking manufacturers. They manufacture in varying quality, but unless you say for example "lower the button stance a bit", they will not take the initiative to suggest an aesthetic adjustment. Every sillouhette is but a default sized mannequin to them. There is nothing to enhance and nothing to hide. For this reason they are suitable for the sartorially well informed and those experienced in a profession requiring them...
So a friend and I passed by Shenzen and went into a convenience store. My friend asked for "the most expensive cigarettes you have". We looked through the local brands and it was shocking the top echelon of Chinese cigarettes go for over a 100 times the cost of the ones featured in the cigarette horror stories. We bought 2 packs recommended by the owner: JinSheng, and Honghe Dao. For 100RMB and 160RMB respectively. Talking to some people in the know it seems Chinese...
Is price on suede jacket firm?
The "How dandy are you" quiz on gives more points to those who consider themselves a caustic wit on forums than those who select a scholarly gentleman.... Quote: I always thought it sad that an independently wealthy man, who is flush with time and money and who is clearly educated and articulate, could find no better way to spend his time. This is exactly the right spirit to live. I'll always admire one who travels around thinking of...
I'm assuming it's a gentleman's hat, due to the sub forum. Thinking about buying it for my girlfriend, it really matches one of her umbrellas and we're holidaying in SEA.
I understand, but I'm asking for a phrase which puts emphasis on how imposing the conditions are. And maybe even hyperbolizes on this with something like "my soul doesn't belong to me". By the way I just found out the Chinese Expression is :人在江湖,身不由自. In Romanized Chinese : Ren Zai Jiang Hu, Shen Bu You Ji This translates in a word for word fashion to: When one is in the underworld(triads and such), their body doesn't belong to them.
that elegantly describe a state where someone has little to no control over their life, their decisions, their future etc. because the cirucumstances and environment are too imposing. Is there such a phrase word in english/french/latin? If not what languages have this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Word. The flaccid and errect length aren't suppoed to be correlated are they?
In saunas in Hong Kong. Wouldn't know about overseas as I don't go to saunas anywhere else, maybe except for certain Mainland Chinese cities.
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