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Awesome! Thanks so much. So here ps my dilemma. Just bought Of pants for $169 and I want two more at $89 each. Is this promo code online only? I feel like if I use this in store I could return my pairs of jeans and get the two pairs of pants I want to purchase.
Any sales coming up? About to drop a few hundred bucks.
$220! Wow. I bought APCs and have not been impressed. That was the last pair of denim I bought over $200. Never again.
any experience with bonobos?
Hello, I've been searching for the best denim on the market under $100 for a bit. I've tried everything from JCrew to Gustin. I found Gustin to be good quality, but has issues with sizing. Sizing varies from different lines each time. As a result I stopped buying Gustin. I prefer to try jeans on before buying them. Does anyone have any suggestions for their favorite denim under $100?
Any feedback on Milano Blazers? I don't want to miss the sale if it's any good
How is the construction on the Milano Blazers? They have one on sale with LP cloth that is half canvassed just under $450. Is it worth it?
yep. Good coatision to express. I'll wait for the sale in a few days. Is the heavier garment worth it?
It just said red fleece chinos. They're going back to the store. I'll see if they will exchange them for a different style. Even so, they're made from the toilet store. Terrible quality.
Yesyes. They're red fleece. I bought a pair when the line first came out and they completely changed the material. This is like chinos I'd buy from j crew. They're $30 or something so I may keep them but they're bad.
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