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never heard of him in Atlanta.
I prefer vents. Those guys say it is appropriate just a but more modern.I know the shirt has the pleats in front. But should the plackets be seamless, traditional, or covered?
Hi, I am purchasing a custom tuxedo and wanted to confirm that these specs are appropriate. I've used blacktieguide as a reference. However, the shirt is a bit confusing. Suit 1 button No flaps on pockets Side vents Peak lapel Grosgrain detail lapel Touching buttons on jacket "Button" hole on lapel Flat pants Shirt Spreads collar Traditional placket French cuffs No breast pocket
Has anyone tried TRIO?
I'm in a similar position with time and price. I don't want to spend more than $400 but it doesn't seem worth it to buy a tux for less than that. I will need the tuxedo for 3 events this year. So renting will already cost more than to buy. I didn't like the Suit Supply one. I thought the lapels were too wide for my body and I didn't like the pockets. Any other recommendations? CT looks pretty good but the fit will probably be too big for the peak lapel.
The end result is weird. One lace is more visible than the other. It looks like you may have messed up IMO.
What method did you use for tying your shoes? I just laced mine with the double-helix method. I find the DH is too casual and military. Obviously the method was invented for a military boot.http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/doublehelixlacing.htmThese are some other methods I like. They all look relatively the same. Anyone have any suggestions of...
I still think using the fingers is crazy. I prefer the cloth. I put my index finger and start swirling away. This method is effect since it gets off some of the dirt. Once again, when I am just applying Saphir Ren. and not shoe polish/cream I use this method: Clean the shoe thoroughly with a horsehair brush Apply a small amount (pea-sized) of Saphi Renuvator onto a polishing cloth/t-shirt. Swirl from front-to-back. Allow the cream to dry 3-5 minutes. Move onto steps...
Never heard that. Rather interesting.
I also got these. What do you use to clean the shoes?
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