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I picked up the cavanaugh in brown. The shoes are very darkccicwas planning on wearing them within jeans and blazer. The shoes are almost black. How does oxblpod look?Also, does anyone have suggestions for lacing the long branch?
Don't they usually have something better than that? Or is that pretty solid?
Anyone have any news on sales? Looking to buy some factory seconds.
was gonna buy 2-3 pairs of shoes. Doesn't AE usually have a blowout thanksgiving or Christmas sale?
Most persol I've seen are over $300. I'm not a huge fan of aviators in regards to AO glasses
Does anyone have some suggestions for a good line of sunglasses under $125? I see Jack Spade now has eyewear but is it any good?i typically buy ray ban but haven't been super happy.
Does anyone have any suggestions for inexpensive (under $30) tuxedo studs?
thanks if he can't do Swiss pleats is it best to do pleats or no pleats?
Pleats or no pleats on the tuxedo shirt?
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