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Most persol I've seen are over $300. I'm not a huge fan of aviators in regards to AO glasses
Does anyone have some suggestions for a good line of sunglasses under $125? I see Jack Spade now has eyewear but is it any good?i typically buy ray ban but haven't been super happy.
Does anyone have any suggestions for inexpensive (under $30) tuxedo studs?
thanks if he can't do Swiss pleats is it best to do pleats or no pleats?
Pleats or no pleats on the tuxedo shirt?
Thanks. Turndown collar basically means that the collar covers the band of the bow tie around the neck. Correct? Also I was planning on going with studs so no buttons. 3 or 4 studs? Interesting read on Kent Wang who says 3 is correct and 4 is often done by those who don't know. Also, why KW remove the pleats? I thought they were a more traditional and formal look = black tie.
Bow tie. My bad
thanks. Does the shirt sound appropriate? Studs, basic collar (covering the neck tie)?
Should I do 1 button or 2 buttons if I do not plan on wearing a cummerbund? Suit 1 button No flaps on pockets Side vents Peak lapel Grosgrain detail lapel Touching buttons on jacket Flat pants Shirt Spreads collar Traditional placket French cuffs No breast pocket
Is this still the suggested method to cleaning jeans: Hand wash setting on washing machine with light detergent such as woolite Hang to dry
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