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Anyone have any suggestions for inexpensive dress socks? I've tried both Nodstrom Rack and Sacks Off Fifth. Both there generic socks were horrible after 2-3 wears and washes. Thanks,
When is this sale? I see these shoes for $157.
how and when did you get firsts for $100?
How and when did you get firsts for $100?
Thanks for this post. Why not pretreat the shoes with spray?
Has anyone noticed decrease in quality of AE? I've ordered two pairs of shoes recently and both had imperfections on the sole. Specifically minor indentations in the back of the sole where the heel meets the siding. I used to order factory seconds and expected these types of issues, but got some new ones through AE. Is this over obsessing or justified? The dent is hardly noticeable unless you look at the shoe very closely, but I used to recall each shoe being perfect.
Anyone have feedback regarding this? I need to buy the jacket this week. Would appreicate any advice. Thanks
Hi, I need to purchase a blazer and would like some advice. Was interested in purchasing a sports coat from Brooks Brothers with their 25% sale going on now. The cost of a Red Fleece blazer comes to about $400. Other than Suit Supply and Brooks Brothers, where do you suggest finding a good quality blazer for less than $400? Thanks,
Has anyone purchased denim from Brooks Brothers? Last time I was in the store I noticed they've started to carry more denim. Here's the ones I...
This is only if you have a BB credit card correct?
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