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Just dry clean, dry clean all nice fabrics and clothing
Quote: Originally Posted by Knucklehead If you want everyone to know you are wearing Burberry, purchase this tie; that is generally not the message people on this board like to convey with their attire. very true. Dont be defined by the brand
It really depends on what your looking for. Sam Hober is good, Gucci and Versace are good but overpriced. I recommend thetiebar.com, if your on a budget. Brand is irrelevant when it comes to look and quality most of the time.
Mens "Wearhouse" isnt that great. I'd go Jos A Bank over Mens Wearhouse but I dont lilke either.
Quote: Originally Posted by F. Corbera It saddens me when the name is misspelled. lol, well like I said I dont go there often
Nas - It Was Written Best of Luther Vandross Superdrag - Headtrip In Every Key 2Pac - The 7 Day Theory Souls of Mischeif - '93 Til Infinity Aloe Blacc - Good Things Mayer Hawthorne - Strange Arrangement DJ Marky - Rotation Goldie - Timeless All of Grover Washington Jr albums Little Dragon - Machine Dreams Phoenix - United Kemizt - The Vigil I have been rotating through all of those
I'm just curious to know which retailer people like more and why. I dont really go to either that much but have bought a few things from Mens Warehouse.
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