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Congratulations on becoming a father!
What a nice looking pair of shoes, But at $1,666.00, you would have to own an oil well to purchase them. I would be afraid to wear them in fear of them getting messed up. I am sure there is something out there the looks the same and you would not have to go broke purchasing it.
What a cool color, they would be fun to wear.
="" style="; width: 500px; height: 697px"> [/URL] [/quote] What a cool color, They would be fun to wear!
I like the white shoes. It gives the whole look a flair of fun! [/SPOILER] [/quote]
These would be fun to wear!
These are really nice looking shoes. Hopefully someone who can afford them will add them to their rotation of snappy dress shoes.
Beautiful pair of shoes. I am sure they will find a new home soon.
I think they are great. Enjoy wearing them!
I like the Dover and the green Wingtip. they are different yet very appealing colors and styles!
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