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Would I be right if I assumed that there has already been a post on the John Francomb shirts from T.M. Lewin?
Quote: Originally Posted by JamesX In my university the end of semester party is done casual style. No one wears a suit to those. Might want to mention what style of university you are going to. Navy Suits are very conservative, suitable for interviews, very odd for parties. A suit would be suitable for this party, in fact a fair few people wear black tie/highland dress to this event. That is what I would have done but I could not find a...
Navy Suit White Shirt Solid Burgundy Tie Dark Brown Belt Dark Brown Derby Shoes White Pocket Square Do you think this would work well for a university end of semester party? Should I wear I different colour tie? Have a tie with more of a pattern? Should I drop the pocket square?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bohdathone If you're in Glasgow, go in and ask at the Whisky Shop in Buchanan Galleries, or Tam's Drams in Argyle St. They'll give you samples, advice etc Thanks a lot, that is a very useful post. I was going down to Buchanan today anyway.
Edinburgh is a city that you definitely do not need a car in. It is a very small city!
I am looking for a single malt for my father's christmas present. Does any one have any recommendations for a single malt under £30 ($50)? I was thinking Cragganmore.
Clothes, specifically shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, and shoes.
I'm looking for a patterned (check/stripe) button-down shirts and plain v-neck/c-neck sweatshirts. I live in Glasgow, in the UK, and I want to get these items from a store close by. Thanks.
Tomorrow Never Knows
I'm very stressed about a History exam that I have on Monday.
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