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Quote: Originally Posted by acoustichippo robgotsastaplerr -- very inefficient and dishonest seller. Sold me a ToJ varsity which came with a small but very obvious scuff on the forward-facing side of a sleeve (http://i1087.photobucket.com/albums/...o/P4185436.jpg). He made no mention in his post and PMs of any defects in the jacket. He also made no attempts to resolve the matter and instead declined knowledge of the defect. A lie, obviously -- firstly,...
I've done three transactions now with tonio028 and all have been excellent.
Chinos sold, drops on the striped shirt. These prices are a steal.
Drops on both shirts.
Drops. Chinos 120->110.
For sale are a few pieces I've picked up in the last few months. I really like Wings and Horns stuff, but their fits just really don't work for me, as I've learned the hard way. I'd love to trade, plus cash in one direction or another (interested in Band of Outsiders, Ervell, 45rpm, etc), but would also take cash. Sorry for the crappy iphone photos. Please note that my measuring skills aren't great, so if something sounds unreasonable email me to check on it. First up is...
How dangerous is it to go to an unknown tailor? I live in a small city in upstate NY (Ithaca) and can't find any reputable data on tailors --- the closest SF-approved people are 100 miles away. I've got two nice blazers that need the sleeves shortened dramatically, including an Ervell blazer with real button holes (so it'll have to be taken up at the shoulder). Am I risking my stuff getting ruined if I bring it to a local shop? Anything I can say to them to maximize the...
Bump for a good seller and awesome stuff.
Bump for a great seller.
I'm interested in getting the Wings and Horns coat. I haven't haven't met the SF minimum posts, so it won't let me send PMs. Please either post back here or email me at my username at gmail. One quick question regarding fit: from what I understand, other W+H stuff fits a size small, is that true with coats as well? Best, -Josh
New Posts  All Forums: