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What about the wear on the toe area? I have those same Camo Prado loafers and the area above the foot pad wears each time I wear them. Are you putting the shoe goo on the leather or just the rubber foot pads? Can you post a picture of the shoe?
My tailor is looking in Korea, trying to get this color
I am trying to have a suit dyed a very specific color. The dye company wants me to try to get a white suit in 100% Nylon. I found 100% cotton and Poly, but does anyone know a company that would make such a travesty. The final result will be amazing if I can get it made right, thanks, Andrew
I own a pair of Camo Prada Drivers and a pair of Camo Tom's. Love them both. Only problem with the drivers is the common toe wear problem. I touch them up with black polish on the toe but I am worried they will wear above the foot pads, so I do not wear them very often. Toms are really causal. The drivers make me very happy.
I bought a pair at Urban Outfitters, they look a lot like the Amazon one, but only have the capacitive fabric on two fingers and the thumb. The rest is a grey stripe pattern. They were $12 and came in a bunch of colors. Very thin material. They are great gloves. It is not too cold here in Wilmington, NC, but they are sweet. Nice to be able to answer the phone and text without taking them off, Andrew
Wife gave me a Hermes Pocket Square Also got a nice case for my cuff links and an ostrich leg belt. Not sure what color shoes to wear with a cognac belt, but the leather is pretty sweet.
I went a "black tie" Christmas party at one of the oldest private clubs in the South last weekend. 20% of the tie/cumberbund sets were not plain black. I wore a black tie/cumberbund, but was going to wear a non-black set up till the last minute. I say go for it.
I bought these for my wedding, love them. Super comfortable and I wear them with my tux all the time. I am not a huge fan of patent leather (mostly because of the upkeep) I keep the laces tucked in for a cleaner look. They are also available in patent...
Tony, For the first half of the video, I was disagreeing with you because I thought he was wearing a suit, then I saw the "bleach stained" jeans or what ever he was wearing for pants and I had to agree with you. What is going on with those pants?
EDIT: Found something at a TV show costume sell off for the show One Tree Hill. Thanks for all the feedback,
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