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Quote: Originally Posted by Burton My advice would be never touch the shoes with saddle soap. (Ignore anyone who tells you to used it.) I cannot figure out why you are overly obessessed with this. Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS I would look up saddle soap on this forum and investigate what many experienced members, including cordwainers, say about it before you use it on a pair of shoes. My local cobbler didn't...
The Man: Might be too much polish. You think they are ruined? What would your advice be at this point? Bought them at pediwear, great shop. countbaron: You are forgetting about the very rude frenchman who went to London and returned loads of stuff from eBay, manouche!
Quote: Originally Posted by countbaron , yeah do that and I am sure they will send you a new pair, and a refund to boot Ps- If it hapens i am travelling to northampton with my Wigmores next week Shipping won't be free. Any experiences of the C&J customer service to share? Did anyone here return their C&J?
Ruben, the shoes are indeed dry! Would Renovateur solve the problem? You got a point, Johnny Crockett! Very similar problems have been discussed a couple of years ago in the thread "C&J Handgrade Leather Quality": However nobody posted pictures of their shoes back then. Do you think the shoes should be sent back to C&J for examination?
Quote: Originally Posted by Will As other posters have said use less polish. But also use the money you save for some Renovateur and apply after every wearing to condition the leather. Thanks Will and pebblegrain! I will polish less and buy some Renovateur! Already would if my local store had carried Saphirs D'Or line. How big is the actual difference between the Medaille D'Or and regular? Should Renovateur be used after every wearing? Are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant ^Yes- they don't look dry- just like the wax creasing. I find you need about 1/5th as much Saphir as you think you do. Thanks! Sounds like I will be spendig less money on shoe care!
Quote: Originally Posted by faketrain looks like you may be applying too much wax in the stress areas and that wax may be caking/flaking because of it. Thanks! You might be right. Since the vamp is very dry I probably applied to much cream and wax. What would you advice? Could it be enough if i polished the shoes just brushing without any wax o cream for a period? Would neutral cream or renovator help?
I know others on this forum have had problems with dry leather on the CJ handgrades. I bought a pair of Cliffords two months ago and wear them about once a week. I polish them with Saphir Medaille D'Or cream and wax. The shoes look fine when newly polished but have always been very dry . After a short walk they look lighter and dry. Since the cream makes the shoes darker the problem is getting worse. I am currently awaiting C&J's advice on this. My C&J HG Audleys do not...
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