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Thanks! Great scan and translation! Does the article say anything about toewidth?
I saw a size 10.5 pair on the 202 last measure 33 cm in length. This is the same as the C&J 337, are you wearing the same size in 337 and 202? How do you find the heel width of 202 vs 337?
I returned the shoes to Pediwear who sent them back to the Crockett and Jones factory. I'm dissapointed in C&J who after two months(!) came to the conclusion that they feel the creasing is caused by normal wear. Do they intend to offer the same customer service as EG?! Does anyone have an idea how often this occurs? I find the handgrade shoes normally very nice. Pediwear did however very generously offer a refund. The costumer service of Pediwear really impressed me! ...
Great shoes! Wish they were 0.5 size larger...
Great boots! Unfortunately not my size. WTB something like this in size UK10.5/11.
The link is to the womens galoshes. Unfortunately the mens model is sold out. Great offer and great link though!
Thanks! I think young people over here dress a little more formal than they do in the US, so it's easier getting away with it here.But hey, if you like it I think you should get it!Would be great to see some pictures!
Thank you all for your very helpful replies! From reading about the polo coat I think cut might have changed somewhat. At first I didn't realise the polo coat is such classic and have been sold for several years. Some recommends sizing up and others to size down. The more recent coats seems to run tight in shoulders and chest but otherwise quite roomy. Based on the measurements found here and on eBay I would probably have bought my actual size if buying a recent...
I'm afraid I have a quite different experience of the CJ lasts. This shows how tricky it is to find a good last using styleforum...348 is a regular last. The 358 is a similar last but handgrade, I have heard the 358 offer more toe room but I have never tried it myself.I think the 337 is slightly roomier in the heel but has much more toe space, much wider toe box.I'm unable to wear an 11 UK in 348 but the 10.5 UK 337 is almost a little to big in the heel area.Does anybody...
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