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I was excited about the finale... but I'm afraid the contestants works of art didn't work for me! They should have been able to make pieces with better quality, not experimenting with new mediums etc. But it seems like the judges wanted them to try new stuff... I really can't see how they could enjoy Kymia's painting with the boat, I hated it! Very predictable and cliché IMHO. You guys liked it? I did like the cage with the flying paperbirds, but only that piece and not...
Damn nice! I hope to see these shoes in action around Sthlm!
Mordecai: Use the spoiler button next time!! I think the idea is great to be a reality tv-show! I realli enjoyed the first series. And it did get quite good reviews at Meta Critic. It doesn't produce great art but it's interesting as entertainment. IMHO it's much more exciting to see the next artworks than it was seeing a bunch of crappy dresses in Proj Runway looking the same. And the time is an issue as someone said, but hopefully the finalist will be able to use their...
Achillus please comment on my posts!
Thanks! Very nice of you! Perhaps I should go with the Simpson or Alacudia lasts. Wich one do you think offers most toe space?
Looks great! Now I want to get something like nr 2 myself. How do you think the lasts fit in comparison to other brands like C&J? Looking for something with more toe space but not wider heel than the 337 last. Wolud the Rain last half a size up from the UK be an good option?
I would recommend the J. Peterman mail bag!
You rock! These scanlations are among the best reading at Styleforum! Thanks!
I have seen jeans made by Germano, they looked like the usual tailored wool trousers but in denim. Not sure what to think about it?!
Is it good? Recommended?
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