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The Armoury got several different double monks, at least one on the inca last. I think the ones in-store were identical with the double monk straps in the Carmina web store.
Carmina is now available in Stockholm, Sweden at Paul and Friends / NK. Paul and Friends also sells Trickers, many original models. They had four models one pair of each size but unfortunately nothing bigger than UK 10.5. I went there today and they look good at that price-point. The Forest last look more elegant than expected, a little higher but still quite sleek while I found the Inca a bit too pointy and symmetrical, the Robert last looks a little old school as...
Give Innis and Gun a try! Its a Scottish beer aged on oak barrels. They were making a whiskey with beer flavours when they discovered that the oak aged beer tasted great. The limited edition spiced rum finish is extra good!
Get the book Color for men by Diane Jackson. I found my copy cheap at Abe Books.
How does Howard Yount stand up agaist those brands?
Even ugly stuff can look nice in the RL campaign....
Is it really acceptable with slanting arms on a new suit? I guess slanting arms could be accepted as a compromise on a second hand suit but not on a brand new suit altered by the store. The arms on my new suit jacket are about 1 cm (0,4 inch) shorter on the inside than at the outside with the buttons, resulting in a slight slant outwards on the arms. I recently bought a new suit and the arms that were to long were altered at the shop. One button was moved on each arm....
I got the same very annoying problem. Maybe the Drakes extra long ties could be the answer? Another option is of course Sam Hober as mentioned above. Haven't tried any myself though.
Nice collar!Which NiAlma collar would be the most like the white shirt?Model? Point length? Height?Perhaps a cut away with 3" point length and 2" height? Or would any of the spread collars be closer?
Nice shoes!A new model on the 358 last? Or is it 348?Where did you get them? How much are they?
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