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Everybody ought to be rich, but they ain't.
Refund? What's that?
Whenever they pull me aside, I look straight (no pun intended) into the eyes of the TSA agent and say, "Pat me up big boy, Imo love this."
Once a week on the weekend? You'll be fine, my boy.
Nothing says poor like Rolex. But yes, financially speaking, times are difficult. It's rumored that Exxon-Mobil laid off 50 members of congress.
I'm just like all the other SF snobs. I demand German, Italian, or British. Hell, I won't even buy a sweater made in China; I'm definitely not buying a car made there.
Quote: Originally Posted by bmac11c Looking for a good breast pocket wallet. Any recommendations? Looking to spend about $250. Thanks! Bmac Have you tried Ettinger? But it won't be a green breast wallet from Hermes. Sigh.
Quote: Originally Posted by JensenH How can you say that when we have new member Hermes Simplex joining the forum? Why thank you. Thank you very much.
Quote: Originally Posted by ALFAMALE BIJAN Love da bran(d). Hate da man.
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