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That navy wallet is stunning.
You have to choose a country outside of the USA.
Kiton Shirt 307003 I love you, but do I have the balls to wear you.
Jacket is mine. My first blue blazer. Yay!
Looking for: Sportscoat w/Suede elbow patches (39-40R) Selvedge Jeans (36W) For trade: To Boot NY shoes (9.5 US)
Pool cue case?
Wow. Great price too.
Your buddy was the class act. Very apologetic about the situation, but he had nothing to apologize about. I appreciate the effort from both of you.
Yup. I just spoke to him as well. All colors and sizes back to full retail.
Quote: Originally Posted by I Like Turtles Looks great. Where'd you get them? I can't find that boot anywhere. I just sent an email to Trickers about Eaton's in coffee. They quoted 500 GBP plus shipping. They need to be special ordered. 12 weeks from payment. God damb.
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