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With Suede elbow patches. Also would like cashmere sweatpants and geniune leather/alligator belts that fit a 36 waist
Measurements? Pants?
Thanks. Those willing to trade in the US can send to US address, those in EU can send to Ireland. I will send first. Cheers. Drop. Bump.
Bump. Thanks for the Florsheims. They are gorgeous and in great condition.
Gorgeous Lobbs.
No pants for us fatty 36s?
I have excellent eBay feedback for those who are concerned over my lack of selling on this site. Price drop.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rosenberg Want! Those are fcking dope!!!
New shoes, only tried on, never worn outside. Trees not included. Shoes are located in Ireland (no VAT for those in Europe). Looking for 120>110>100 shipped worldwide. Also willing to trade for suede shoes in 9.5, 36 pants, and belts. Thanks for looking!
New Posts  All Forums: