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I brought them to the dry cleaners and they shrunk them. They are now far too tight on my waist/groin. Anyone have any luck unshrinking them?
http://www.styleforum.net/t/279848/loro-piana-roadster-cashmere-zip-sweater-eu48-like-new Purchased here above. Bit too tight for me. Really lovely though, wish it fit.
Does this sale last past today?
+2. 35 or 36.
Thanks for the Zileri Sartoriale. Absolutely gorgeous. Somehow looks even nicer in person.
Stunning. Must resist.
What movement was it purchased with?
I wouldn't want to take it off. I wouldn't want to worry about getting it wet in the rain, or doing dishes, or anything else involving water.
I asked a few ebay sellers about both watches, they said they weren't waterproof. So for me, both of them are out of the mix.
Is the Parnis or Seagull 1963 waterproof? Like could I wear it in the shower or the ocean (not deep diving)?
New Posts  All Forums: