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For anyone who took part in the 2 for 200 sale and had to send shoes back. Did you have to pay for postage yourself or did they provide a label?
Got the 9.5 Hales in black and 9.0 Players in blue suede. The Players are too small. Very sad because they are so damn nice.
Crockett & Jones Suede Half Brogue made for Polo. 9D US. Very good condition. Ship anywhere in US and pickup in Manhattan. Would keep but a half size too small for me. **Last drop before eBay.**
Got a pair of blue suede Player's and black Hales. What a deal for 200.
Bought two, selling one. I love mine. Pants are NWOT, they've had the inside labels removed, but they are Incotex. Pants can be adjusted up or down 2 inches in the waist due to split waistband Pickup in Chelsea available. 100% Khaki 10 Pocket Trouser Size 52 (36 US) Waist: 17.75" LO: 8.25" Rise: 10.5" Inseam: 35.5"
As the title says looking for Maroon/Burgundy cotton pants, slim fitting (ala mabitex/incotex) - size 36
Doubtful. Vienna is just a severely overpriced city.
i went into the store in Rock center and tried them on. The sales person said they run a half size larger. That's what I felt as well. Just wanted to get other opinions on them.I did think they were a little tighter though. I'm normally a D width and felt a size up would have been better. Think I'll go back once more and get the final conclusion.
How did the Neumok run? A half size or a full size larger?
Thanks all for the responses. Will just wear them and struggle through it.Nope. Usually your mother washes them for me.
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