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Can someone help me out here and adjust my measurements? I'm new and very inexperienced in fashion and the made for shirt industry. This shirt hurts. Very tight. Also, very terrible at knowing how to set the timer on my camera. Collar: 15.5 Half Chest : 21.5 Half Waist \t: 19.5 Half Hip : 21 Left Sleeve Length : 23.4 Right Sleeve Length : 23.4 Half Bicep \t: 7.25 Left Cuffs \t: 8.5 Right Cuffs: 8.5 Yoke \t: 18 Shoulder : 6.5\t Shirt Length :29.75\t Armhole : 9.75
Still looking for pants....
Pure or a cotton/silk blend. Shipping to Ireland needed.
There's a thread for this. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=177939
Yeah. I wish those sweats were a 36 US and the sweater was a large.
I think they are gorgeous, just a bit small for me.
Any 9 UK/9.5 US?
If it is available is there anything to let out in the waist?
Mother of God. Gorgeous.
Love those loafers. Wish they were smaller.
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