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Thanks, but I'd rather go to an actual store to try it on. I'll give J Press a shot.
Anyone know of some good places in Manhattan or surrounding area for a good tweed sportscoat?
Did someone get that Navy now?
Wowsa. Gorgeous color.
Drop to 50.
One drop then eBay. For those of you in Manhattan, I could meet for cash and swap.
Florsheim Royal Imperial Wingtips, 9.5D Made In: USA Size: 9.5D Measurements: 11.75" x 4.375" Goodyear welt. Vintage Florsheim Royal Imperials...Worn around15x. Uppers show some creasing. Soles show a little wear.
Only tried on, NEVER worn outside, wish it fit. Made by Corneliana. 100% Cashmere. More of a royal blue. Really nice. Wish it fit. Cash or trade for a 40R. Shoulders: 17.75 Shoulder to sleeve: 25 Chest: 20.25 BOC: 30
I would. I think they are a half size too small for me and I wear 9.5 Allen Edmonds (McAllister, Hale, Bayfield).
Tried the Quinton in brown suede. Not a huge fan. Suede seemed pretty cheap. Sending them back for a 9.5 Bayfield Brown Chromexcel. Anyone have any experience with this shoe?
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