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Nat, any idea on the age of this Sierra label? Its on a down jacket.
Spoo, Any value here? Sorry for the god awful pictures, but I had to shoot them in a window. Seem to be real and made of maybe...cow fur. Size is 7.5.
Vintage Abercrombie and Fitch shooting jacket. The union tag indicates mid '60s to early '70s. Suede trim, heavy wool and leather buttons. Full canvas and hand attached collar. It was obviously used for its intended purpose, and used frequently. A few issues but salvageable if anyone would like a project. 42 L.
Black and gold or not, no self respecting Pittsburgher is going to walk around with Cleveland emblazoned across their chest. I do have the Pittsburgh version of that jersey though.
Been doing some poaching while visiting Denver family for the holidays. Jackets top to bottom are Oxxford raw silk, Corneleani for Polo wool/cashmere blend with ticket pocket, Oxxford 3 button, bad ass wool with grosgrain lapels dinner jacket. Shirts are a minty Truzzi and an Arc'teryx (my first).
Could be both. I believe those a veldtshoen and the nail pattern is EG, but I'm told EG subbed out their veldtshoen work to C&J because they didn't have the necessary machine to do that type of construction.
I find this to be far more offensive, and breaking with tradition, than listing the price you paid for an item.
Thrift Thread Gift Exchange 2013 [[SPOILER]]
It should be there by Tuesday.
Oh, I did. I knew I'd never wear it, but I haven't paid attention to what newer Versace goes for. Well made tie though and very nice sik.
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