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any cliffs on this situation now? i realize she was sexually assualted, but that is such a bullshit term anyways... it could mean anything from she was penetrated with part of a road sign to someone grabbed her wrists inappropriately. I think the details are significant here. have actual details surfaced and how's she doing now? still hot?
hi all, I'm looking for an Omega 20mm lug /16mm deployment end strap. Interested in any material but must be in new or like new condition I need it to fit OMEGA deployment #945216023 Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by mktitsworth My Akribos XXIV DaVinci that my mother bought me to wear to my wedding. Not quite as classic as most of the stuff I've seen in the thread so far, but it's the one I had on today and thought it was worth sharing. I think it's pretty at least. be careful with that one... i bought one a few years ago... same watch, different brand... it fell apart. notice where the minute hand is...
man... i'm a 40S but have suits that measure out similar to those Isaia's... too risky though. GLWS, nice stuff
Speedy triple cal... Oris in the background
yup. i love listen to my american buddies talk about politics and to hear their explanations for how the US doesn't suck. A lot of times i agree with them and end up learning a few things
where in canada are you located?
please post up the auction links when you're ready. I'll be bidding on a few. don't know my size well enough in these shoes to buy all the ones i want
Prince of Wales hotel downtown NOTL. There is another place in Jordan that is supposed to be fantastic that is recently opened i heard. My brother and his buddies drove a while to dine there. Stay away fromm Niagara Falls or St. Catharines if you want a decent meal. Best restaurants in the area, honestly, are in Buffalo. Tempo and Buffalo Chop House.
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