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Could totally see this being some kind of guerrilla marketing thing coming from Nike themselves.
Maybe you shouldn't call these "BNWT" if you've worn them six times.
La Matandeta would be a really good place to try an authentic paella. It's no more/less touristy than other restaurants around there. Not my favorite in terms of decor but definitely good rice dishes. I don't really know what a "paella tour" is, though. I'd vote to see a bullfight. I personally think they should be outlawed but they are something unique and I really doubt you'll get bored. I think the wearing shorts thing also depends on how old you are. ...
Sounds good. Remember a good paella place will only serve paella at lunch and will have a minimum order of two people. They should bring out the paella in the pan for you to look at before portioning it out onto your plates.First, there is no AVE from Barcelona to Valencia. Second, I don't think a pass will work out well for you, if I understand your timing correctly...IMO makes more sense to just buy the tickets individually.Yeah, there's some good beaches that are...
Hey dude, Sorry I didn't see this thread before! Your overall trip sounds good. It seems like you're thinking about Valencia--I'd say it's worth maybe a day to see some of the Calatrava architecture, including the oceanographic, but the oceanographic itself is hardly worth going out of your way for. It's not as nice as, say, the Monterey Aquarium, but it's OK. I would definitely hit up Girona if you want to get an idea of Catalonia outside of Barcelona, and...
Spanish unemployment remains around 21%, but nobody seems to really care. Including me.
I love how the city guy's whole argument comes down to an "if you look in the dictionary" argument, and then his dictionary is one that apparently defines "suitable" as "common", which is, um, wrong.
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS read this before....great stories though...would love to have a beer and sing karaoke with Bob Wiley. (my favorite murray character) If we're going to have beers and sing karaoke, I'm going to go with either John Winger or Carl Spackler.
Awesome. "I'd rather eat possum ass" is my new go-to line.
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