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I am indifferent to the situation because I feel for all parties. However, PR is important to a business and I am sure that Leffot has lost some sales due to this debacle. With that in mind I would try to make ammends with the OP. But who am I to make suggestions or demands? All I know is vendors have rights but so do the customers.....wonderful thing about commerce in the USA as we always have options.
It seems like all you are left with is a generic letter stating that the guy worked for you, did his job most of the time, and was a good person. Not a glowing recommendation at I would not provide it. The justification is easy.....if the guy was like any good employee you would not ask this question/poll as it would be a no-brainer to provide one. Walking out the door with no notice is reason enough not to provide a reference.
I am interested. What are the prices? Any pics???
Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo What a steal! Lauren Ralph Lauren for $2.5k! The seller doesn't believe me that they are made for outlet and retail for about $300 or less... he told me that I'm trying to bump down the price so that I can buy it and that it came directly from the real Ralph Lauren store . You should see the rare Tommy Bahama shirt for $249.00! I guess the seller...
Quote: Originally Posted by mbrokerny can you please tell us the reserve? Sold for $350....
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Cafe Boulud is a joke. I have no idea why Bell got nominated for anything other than serving over-priced crap. +1 Been to that establishment and I am not a fan
Any price drops due to the self bumping? Read the rules before trying to sell something. Seriously though if you drop the price significantly I would be interested. As for the "extremely famous Florida rock band" telling us who the band is might justify the price and help you get what you are asking for. Do you have any paperwork that shows they did indeed play the guitar for a song???
Does the GC Hummingbird play more like a Gibson Songwriter? I do not have much experience with the GC model and want to gauge depth of sound, etc. Also is the wood mahoghany or rosewood?
I have a couple of global knives.....the santoku knife and pairing knife. They are very sharp and great to use as the balance is amazing!!! The price asked for is great too as Global does not go on sale too often.
Very nice win indeed! Good luck on the sale.
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