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Hmm, I'm not really seeing it, maybe it's the combination of me leaning on the wall and the camera angle.
Augusto: What do you mean?
Thrift cardi Bonds Tee New Cures Lacoste shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by joshua_robert Maybe I'll go the opposite route and get APC later down the line... I actually started off with imperials and iron army, both about twice the price of my new cures.
A dang slim cut pea coat.
It's the AE western that was on sale a little while ago, I was really surprised by how nice they turned out to be.
Don't size down 3 on new cures, you will have no balls left and there's no way they'll do up.
Going for an urban cowboy look today, tucked in: And untucked:
It means that if you're a 30, you get a 28 in those jeans instead.
A stupid question I've always wondered, what exactly is the difference between a button-up shirt and a button-down shirt? Is there one?
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