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I already explained on sufu, when I rotate a vert photo it squashes it, so I have to stretch to get it back to normal. here's an unrotated and unmodified (all I did was resize down to 25%) photo for reference.
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Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo would rep for cthulhu reference! ++ That which is not dead may eternal lie And with strange aeons even mullets may die.
Quote: Originally Posted by op2 Oh God, please don't tell me people are trying to revive the mullet. It died for a reason. The mullet is like a nightmarish elder being, it doesn't die, simply lies in wait and dreams of the end of all times.
I love cardigans.
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I don't mind waiting since it takes a while for shipped stuff to reach here anyway.
So I recently finished an acting job, and should be getting a pretty large paycheck (by my standards anyway, about 300 bucks) from it, what should I spend the cash on?
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