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Going boozing tonight. Twopercent Homme Home made shirt on AA APC Cons
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Just for you, i've now included the 4001BK. The coupon code now works for both the 3001 and 4001BK. You rock. Hard. edit: Do you happen to know about how long shipping will take to reach australia?
Bah, if only these were the black version I would be all over that.
Inapt MJKrell Gildan APC Cons.
Yeah, the new software really helped fix the pics.
Inapt Peacoat H&M Shirt Imperial Dukes Black leather Purcells.
Weird, the only ribbing about my jeans I can think of is my friend calling me 'chicken legs' one time.
Two percent homme Hare lookalike m65 AE shirt Imperial Dukes Vans.
Thanks, I'll give it a try.
Microsoft office picture manager, it's a piece of crap but until I get a job I can't afford to get a new camera (the battery on this one's dead and you can't delete pics unless it's hooked up to a computer) or new software.
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