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MJKrell About 3 layers of generic t-shirt underneath because it's freezing Chronicles APC Area Forte
Assymetrical hoodie arrived today, amazing quality as always Michael, the shirt and long sleeve haven't come yet, which is kinda worrying me, I hope they didn't get lost in the post.
Someone was wearing the exact same threadless shirt as me at a gig, I kept my hoodie zipped up the entire time.
Funnily enough this kind of happened to me, cyclone flooded my home with 6ft of water, ruined a lot of my clothing. I've reacted by thanking god that none of my packages arrived before the weekend and buying a whole shitload of cheap monday stuff on clearance.
Cheap Monday polo Cheap Monday herringbone jeans Gram 426 shoes Chronicles of Never pendant
What 77 stuff do you have? There doesn't seem to be any on the online store.
Schoolboy steez AA Thrift shirt Thrift Tie Thrift Belt APC Cons
These rumours about you guys stocking april 77 appear to be subversive communist lies.
I hope mine arrive before the weekend, I can't wait to try them.
MJKrell's girlfriend has the exact same expression he normall has in WAYWYN, it's freaking me out.
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