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Quote: Originally Posted by BrettChaotix Of course, a 19 year old girl who gets the stereotypical "emo chest tattoo" with various stars, sparrows, hearts, etc... is still going to feel stupid when they are 75 years old - but yeah - there are plenty of hot suicide girls out there Just a nitpick, but the stereotypical "emo chest tattoo" of a bird is a swallow, not a sparrow, I have a sparrow on me that I designed and I can't stand those...
Do context still do the 25% off for first time customers or did they stop that?
That wash makes it look like he shat himself.
Oh well, short hair on chicks is hot if they can pull it off, long and straight is hell of boring.
Shellshock: I actually like that cut, what are you thinking of doing to it?
DDML: The top half of that fit is poifect.
Quote: Originally Posted by ts4them I checked out their website and saw that their jeans are "neither low nor high rise". I need a fairly low rise, one that's not 'noticeably' low (I am somewhat short waisted). Any ideas of another brand, or will this rise work for me? New cures are pretty low rise without venturing in to girl jeans territory, dunno if new standards have the same rise.
I can't wait for those t-shirts and henleys to come out in black. Are the colours going to be limited to those 4 or are you planning on doing some brighter colours in the future?
X-posted from the WAYWT, some pics of the Krell assymetrical hoodie.
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