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I should clean my room.
Having to amjack to hang out with ladies is weak shit, it's not like they're gonna snub you if you fold your collar down and take off the tie.
Anyone know what the sizing on the April 77 Costello's is like? I want to know if I should size down or just stick with my regular waist size for a nice slim fit.
I'm a big fan of april 77, especially their non-jeans clothes (although their jeans are great for the price too). Love that retro rock aesthetic.
I can't critique loosechange at all, he just looks too happy.
These multiple selves in one pic things are making me think it's gonna end in someone posting a WAYWT of them making out with themself.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Is it raf by raf or mainline? Fits nice. If raf by raf, how's the material feel? RAF by Raf, material's nice, doesn't stretch and it's pretty comfortable.
Infinium Cheep Mondees Corpus Thrift Allen Edmonds April 77 stance Infinium RAF Nudie Area Forte Too tired to stand up stance
I'm going for Leonard Leroy, classic rock star. Mahar-whatever looks like an extra on firefly.
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