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Rolled up jeans almost always look awful, rolled up pants can look awesome in a preppy sailing team kind of way.
Cardigan I found in my room Morissey tee Nudie coated CON cubisms
Thrift Cardi (well, actually found in my bedroom.) Chronicles rotten apple tee Chronicles Pyramid pendant April 77 dischords Chronicles shoes.
The grey ones were 230, the blacks were 275, they're amazingly comfortable to wear as well, the only problem I've had is that it's incredibly wet at the moment and the soles really don't like that.
I like purcells because everyone here wears chucks while purcells are almost impossible to get.
Chronicles of Never Cubisms and Mono 2 greys, and Odeur 71 by CDG, I also picked up a CON rotten apple tee in black as well.
Oh god pics of the trench already.
A knee length, slim cut trench in deep burgundy wine.
I'd love to get a nice oxford in white from BOO, maybe when I get paid. Also why did they feel the need to hire what looks like coked out russian prostitutes to model the girl's line?
JPGM: I like how simple but well fitting your shit is, that post with the BoO shorts has made me want to get a pair.
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