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Prosciutto, olives, pepperoni, garlic, cheese, olives and my special pizza sauce.
I want to have some spare cash to afford a flannel hoodie and some long sleeved shirts *sigh*.
Quote: Originally Posted by jpgm gilead - how do the AA cardigans fit...? do you take the same size in their cardigans as you do in their tshirts? I took a small in the cardigan, which is the same size as I do with the t-shirts, it fits really nicely, slim but not body hugging, and it's comfortable as hell.
Quote: Originally Posted by west coast wonderboy in australia last year I saw tons of people running around in colored denim... blue, red, yellow, you name it. Yeah, coloured denim's been popular in australia for a while, especially with the emo scenesters.
AA cardigan Hanes T-shirt Imperial Jeans Converse shoes Space invaders necklace from a market.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bona Drag d_d, you're pic is gross and makes me want to take about fifty showers. speaking of passed out drunks, good stuff evac - way to rock a fanny pack with style; ayn, fantastic, lowery, nice henley, and Gilead, I like the tee and the fit of the Dukes (?) up until the cuffs. Also, "a girlfriend's apartment"? Thanks, I didn't realise the cuffs were messed up until after the pic, to tell the truth I'm still...
-Black leather Jack Purcells. -Imperial jeans. -Stray hoodie. -Home made t-shirt, red vinyl heart stitched on to a black gildan tee. -Aviators stolen from a girlfriend's apartment.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bona Drag Good stuff drizz, and cheap, really nice first shot. And Gilead, that a Confederate hat? Edit: Nice jeans, MJK Yep, no actual confederate symbols on it though, just the colour and shape. Halifamous: Not much buddy, you have to loan australia some of your hotties, all the ones here are blonde surfer girls, we'll set up an exchange program.
My first WAYWN post, taken on my crappy phone camera. Imperial Jeans Hanes T-shirt Stray Jacket AF1's Thrift store bandana Civil war kepi cap replica
A civil war kepi cap, layered outfits and being the only stylish dude my age in the entire college.
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