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Does anyone know what size I should get in H&M for slim fitting tees and shirts on a 36 chest?
^^^^ Imaginary foundation right? What's the quality on those like?
Thrifted Marcs military shirt Iron Army Army surplus messenger Black leather Purcells.
Just wondering what exactly the difference is between new cure and new standard, as far as I can tell they're both slim fitting straight leg cuts.
I'd like it if it were either the belt pattern with a plain buckle or the buckle with a plain belt, both together seems too much.
Some day I'll get that inapt peacoat, I swear it upon my still living father's grave.
I've been wearing a repro confederate kepi cap.
According to the posts on this board people seem to think that hipsters are contemporary emo fad scenesters, how odd.
Gotta go with DDML, I love the aesthetic.
Tarocash (It's actually got really subtle western style stitching on the shoulders and a checked pattern that you can't see until you're close.) Iron army jeans Sailor Jerry Converses.
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