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Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Well, it's a good $1000 (well, right now, closer to $1200) more than I can afford, but why is it sickening? There is nothing inherently wrong with high priced items. At that price they better be indestructible and give me superpowers or have rocket boosters on them.
First time out of the house in a week thanks to sickness. Cheap Monday AA Imperial Gram
Quote: Originally Posted by coiol Your fits are usually excellent but this strikes me as very feminine (and not in a good way), especially the front shot. I was thinking the same thing, I reckon it's the combination of the murse bag, the sunnies and the hoodie
Luckily I live in australia, where noone knows what the fuck american eagle is.
at 5 dollars a pair you might as well grab some.
I got mine the other day, they're actually really nicely fitting, I've gotten a bunch of compliments on them.
Guys this is a serious, one time I put on a pair of diors and my dick actually became magnetically attracted to other dude's asses.
Quote: Originally Posted by tenniswack Are you joking or being serious? You guys confused the hell out of me. I'd clarify but only faggots do that.
Certain brands will secretly send the message to all girls you meet that you are completely queer, I'm not allowed to tell you which brands though, because a dude helping another dude would be pretty gay.
If his hair was brown he'd look exactly like my sister's boyfriend, as in they would be identical twins.
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